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Indications for use HGH, 3 main directions of the treatment by Human Growth Hormone course

Who are we?

We are professional research agents and distributors of Human Growth Hormone products in several countries including Thailand. Our company is the first company in Thailand that can guarantee the most efficient quality and successful FREE delivery of HGH. We can provide Express shipment within few days to anywhere in Thailand and fast internation delivery. Our products are genuine, safe, and efficient as well as approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in many countries. E-Commerce Registration Number : F0167552340007 

How to use HGH?

Recommendations Dosage of HGH

The usual injection dosage of HGH is:          

2 IU (0.6 mg) for women 25-35 years old weighing from 40-70 kg

3 IU (0.9 mg) for women of 35 years old weighing 50 kg or more

2 IU (0.6 mg) for men 25-30 years old weighing 80-100 kg

3 IU (0.9 mg) for men 30 years old weighing from 80-120 kg

Time for injection:

It is better to do an injection in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach or or after the last meal 2 hours after dinner before bedtime (As practice shows, dividing the daily dosage into several parts gives the same result as 1 injection per day)

The full course lasts for 6 months to complete the perfect result of the body of your dreams! Take HGH 6 days a week Monday - Saturday (Sunday pause) 6 month course divided into 2 parts - 3 months 6 days a week, then a pause 30 days, then again 3 months 6 days a week. 

For more information, contact our specialist doctors endocrinologists.

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Stay away from fake HGH!

We don’t want our customers to spend money on something that doesn’t work, and in the worst case scenario causes serious harm to the health. Therefore we don’t recommend the purchase of generic HGH products. Our products are not only approved by the FDA but are also the most potent recombinant Human Growth Hormone available on the market today, according to IMS, an internationally recognized marketing firm. HGH contains Somatropin, which is a chemical that’s produced naturally in the human body, composed of 191 amino acid sequence. Remember! in an attempt to save on a cheap HGH questionable product, you risk getting counterfeit and harm your health. HGH Thailand Pharmacy bears full responsibility for the quality of our products, we are ready to provide certificates for our products and guaranty the best customer service.

Delivery Options of HGH in Phuket, Thailand and international delivery

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