Courier delivery and cash payment for HGH in Phuket & Krabi

Courier delivery and cash payment for HGH in Phuket

Courier delivery is the fastest and easiest to get the desired HGH
Making a Cash Payment to the courier

Also, before paying, you can check the product for originality, open the package and request a demonstration.

Delivery occurs after 2-3 hours after placing an order through the cart on the website, by phone 

+66 94 635 76 37 or WhatsApp.

HGH Phuket

Delivery takes place in a medical container with ice, the package includes:

- HGH Genotropin (Human Growth Hormone)
- Needles Injection Kit BD Micro-Fine Ultra 8mm x 0.25mm
- Alcohol swabs
- New! Gift travel bag with cooling or thermal protection for travel or transportation

You can place your order right now on the website, by phone +66 94 635 76 37 or WhatsApp (we will answer in English)


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