What Needles use for Genotropin 36 IU HGH from Pfizer?

genotropin size needle

Our HGH Thailand Pharmacy provides needles for free for our customers in Thailand

note, needles are not available for international delivery, are available at any local pharmacy in your city

What needles to use for HGH pens?

With the free delivery of HGH in Thailand for injection of Human Growth Hormone in the cooling box we put needles BD Micro-Fine Ultra 8mm x 0,25mm or any other manufacturer of the correct size (29-gauge, 30-gauge, or 31-gauge) 

Genotropin Needle Size

the small size of needles, the injection of HGH is completely painless

hgh size needle
What Needles Do I Need For Hgh Injections
What Needles Do I Need For Hgh Injections
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